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Maroussia Prignot (BE, 1981) and Valerio Alvarez (BE, 1976) have been doing a collective photographic work since 2015. Their collaboration began on the issue of migration, and more specifically the way in which migrants are received within the Belgian state. Considering that any image is a construction, and not a faithful reproduction of the "reality", their approach is integrative, setting up workshops, joint creation actions, trying to collaborate with those who make their photographs. Working in the field of psychiatry, Maroussia and Valerio are sensitive to the tiny variations that make it possible to meet the other in its difference, focusing on the strengths of each of us.

Publications and Exhibitions

2019 Selected Talent of Futures Photography, EU
2019 31 Days of .tiff at Fotomuseum Antwerpen FOMU, BE
2019 Collective exhibition at Kanal-Centre Pompidou Bruxelles- First Biennial of Photography- Molenbeek, BE
2019 Dummy “Here, Waiting” at “L’Image Sans Nom” & Wégimont Gallery, exhibition of the Bring Your Photobook Award of the 2018  edition of Liège Photobook Festival, BE
2018-2019 Selected as one of the ten ‘talents’ FOMU want to support via .TIFF magazine, Futures- Fotomuseum Antwerpen FOMU, BE
2018 Dummy Here, Waiting selected in the shortlist of the photobook Festival de liège - category Dummy book, BE
2018 Exhibition of the project Here, Waiting as part of La fusée de la Motographie of Brussels, a travelling museum of Belgian photography, EU
2017 Publication of a Portofolio of the project Here, Waiting in the Belgian Quarterly Survey and Narratives “Médor” n° 8 (autumn 2017) under the title “La tête ailleurs”
2017 Installation / Exhibition of the project Here, Waiting on the outer buildings of the Reception Center for Asylum Seekers of Jodoigne, BE
2015 Fotoapplause / Blank Paper online : collective projection in the streets of Madrid of the series Presence-Absence by Valerio Alvarez, ES